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  • THXKC-02

    Quantum DLT III Data Cartridge 10/20 GB
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  • 26112085

    Fuji DLT III Data Cartridge 10/20 GB
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    Maxell DLT-III Backup Tape 10/20GB
    In Stock
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Items 1 to 3 of 3 Items

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DLT III tapes were first released in 1989 with a capacity of 2.6 GB. Later versions had increased capacity of up to 10 GB. This media is compatible with DLT260/600 and DLT2000/2000XT/4000/7000 drive systems. Although this Digital Linear format was the dominant form of backup media for most of the 90’s, it has now been displaced through the emergence of LTO ultrium and SDLT technologies.

Longer Storage Life

We have for sale DLTIII backup cartridges by Imation, Maxell, Fuji, Sony and Quantum. Related products and versions available at Tape4Backup are: DLT-III XT, DLT-IV, DLT-VS1, SDLT, DLT Barcode Labels, cleaning cartridge and Empty Case.