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TDK 27822 8mm DDS-6 (DAT160) Backup Tape Cartridge (80GB/160GB Retail Pack)

Part No.: 27822
Manufacturer: TDK
Condition: New
Availability: Out of Stock
Features Overview


    This is a rugged & compact DAT160 tape cartridge by TDK. It was the first backup storage media that was recognized by DAT manufacturers group. The capacity is 80GB for non-compressed and tremendous 160 GB after compressing the digital data. Throughput speed applicable to this TDK 27822 backup media is approx. 12Mbps

    Superior Durability

    Super Finavinx tape formulation is used to enhance the coating process which allows for better recording through less noise and better reading. The reason is that the alignment of the metal particles is in the most part in one direction.


    Additional Information

    Product Description

    Linear recording density

    6.85 kbpmm

    Areal recording density

    1010 kbpmm2

    Data transfer rate

    5000 kByte/s

    Storage capacity

    80 GByte


    183 kA/m


    430 mT

    Squareness ratio


    External cartridge dimensions

    73x54x14.7 mm

    Tape length

    155 m

    Tape thickness

    5.6 m

Product Discussion