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Sony DDS-4 tape 20/40 GB

Part No.: DGD-150P
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New
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    The DGD150P is a DDS4 tape cartridge by Sony that can store up to 20 GB of native data and 40 GB of compressed data. The exclusive Aramid base film that Sony uses allows greater tape length in one tiny cartridge by reducing tape thickness by up to 28% over PET film (as can be seen in the DGD150P). The DGD150P DDS-4 tape uses the MP+++ technology which reduces error counts and increases archival stability. The Advanced Oligomorless Binder System that Sony employed in the DGD150P creates a structure which is more durable and stretch resistant and the High Cross Linkage Binder System improves data dispersion allowing for higher data recording density. Sony also employs the RDP Mechanism which allows smoother tape winding in the DGD150P. The MRS (Media Recognition System) allows the tape drive to detect the format of the tape ensuring higher reliability and more compatibility. DDS-4 tapes are also known as DAT40 tapes.


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    1PK DDS4 20/40GB 4mm 150M Data Cart



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    Media Type

    Tape - 4mm DAT/DDS

    Media Quantity

    (Not Specified)


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    Compressed Storage Capacity

    40 GB

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    (Not Specified)

    Uncompressed Storage Capacity

    20 GB

    Media Type

    Tape - 4mm DAT/DDS

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