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Sony DGD125PWW-B 4mm DDS-3 Backup Tape Cartridge (12/24GB 125m Bulk Pack)

Part No.: DGD125PWW-B
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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Features Overview


    Small, robustly engineered, high density and market leading DDS-3 cartridges in bulk package. Sony uses high-tech formulations to elevate robustness, and this DDS3 media cartridge surpasses other tapes with faster 1.1Mbps writing speed.

    • DGD-125PWW part number is also referred as DGD-125P.
    • Smooth tape reel speeds up storage and data retrieval.
    • 12 GB space for backup (native)
    • Unique architecture has reduced torque, resulting in faster searching and seamless tape movement.
    • Protective coating has remarkably reduced deterioration of base film.
    • Strong plastic is used for its cartridge shell. So transportation of tapes to remote sites would be completed with superior data integrity.

    Additional Information

    Main Specifications

    Product Description

    Sony 4mm DDS-3 Backup Tape 125m 12/24GB



    Media Included Qty


    Native Capacity


    Compressed Capacity


    Tape Length

    125 m

    Recording Standard

    Sony 4mm DDS-1


    Sony 4mm DDS-3 Backup Tape 125m 12/24GB

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