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Barcode Labels

  • Barcode Labels

These barcode labels are assigned to individual products by manufacturers and registered in central databases through international authorities like the Universal Product Code (UPC) and regional authorities like Uniform Code Council (UCC). A barcode is a series of black and white lines of varying length and thickness which usually make up an alphanumeric code that is unique and identifies the product it is attached to. In North America alone 250,000 manufacturers have registered to get their own barcode. Another example of a barcode is ISBN that is the International Standard Book Number. There are many benefits to using barcodes, especially in Point-of-Sales (POS) terminals, however barcode labels may be useful for you to if you wish to identify your product, its maker, its product code number, its manufacturer code number, etc. Thus you may identify your tape data media through the barcode label even if you have lost or disposed of its packaging, receipt, manual, etc. Barcode labels are available for LTO tapes, AIT Tapes, RDX Cartridges, DDS Tapes, DLT Tapes, SDLT Tapes, Tape Storage Cases and Cleaning Cartridge from tape4backup.com at affordable prices.