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AIT Cleaning Cartridge

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  • SDX1-CL

    Sony SDX1-CL AIT (1, 2, 3) Cleaning Cartridge
    In Stock
  • Q1996A

    HP Q1996A AIT (Universal 1,2,3) Cleaning Cartridge
    In Stock

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  • SDX3X-CL

    Sony AIT-3-EX Cleaning cartridgee
    In Stock

    SONY SDX3XCLWW AIT-3Ex Cleaning Cartridge
    In Stock
  • SDX4-CL

    Sony SDX4-CL AIT 4 Cleaning Cartridge
    In Stock

    Sony AIT-4 AME CleaningCartridge
    In Stock
  • SDX5-CL

    Sony SDX5-CL AIT-5 AME Cleaning Cartridge
    Out of Stock
  • SDX5CL

    Sony AIT-5 AME Cleaning Tape Cartridge
    In Stock

Items 1 to 8 of 8 Items

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AIT tape drives come with a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents the necessity for frequent cleaning, however you still have to clean your tape drive once a week or fortnight at least for people who backup their data very frequently. However for regular users, we recommend cleaning your drives when the cleaning light or LED or lamp lights up. We provide HP and Sony cartridges for drives that use AIT2, AIT-3, AIT-4 and AIT5 tapes