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AIT-5 Tapes

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    SONY SDX5-400C AIT-5 Backup Tape Cartridge (400 /1040GB) Retail Pack
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    Sony SDX5-400W AIT-5 Backup WORM Tape Cartridge(400GB/1040GB Retail pack)
    $67.00 / $66.95

Items 1 to 2 of 2 Items

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AIT-5 is the successor to AIT-4 tape and is formulated with the new Advanced Metal Evaporated 3 (AME-3). Released in late 2006, AIT5 offers a native capacity of 400 GB and over a Terabyte of compressed. The transfer rate is 24 MB/s and it offers Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) feature. Another key feature of AIT 5 tapes is that they are backward compatible with AIT-3, AIT-3Ex and AIT4 so upgrading from a previous generation AIT backup system is a viable solution. The R-MIC chip is also incorporated into the tape cartridge. Thus the fifth generation of Advacned Intelligent backup format proves to be a practical, reliable and competitive solution to your storage needs.