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AIT-3Ex Tapes

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    SONY SDX3X150CWW AIT-3Ex Backup Tape Cartridge (150GB/390GB AME Retail Pack)
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Organizations nowadays face numerous data security challenges. They must adopt smart cost effective ways to accelerate data flow and fuel time-critical applications without any disruption. For this purpose, organizations must install backup system.

Sony AIT-3Ex technology ensures that investment and company data, both are secured in cost effective manner.

Small and medium range customers can extend their operations as the AIT versions are forward/backward compatible. This AIT-3Ex generation stands apart with greater media robustness, high-tech drives and improved compatibility.

Capacity offering

Superior recording efficiency as users can deploy these compact tapes in space-constrained environments and save tremendous 150 GB business data. Maximize storage value with compression and add more to its media capacity (390 gigabytes).

Pace with leading apps

Sony’s long lasting SDX3X150CWW media is ideal for fast backup recovery and excellent 18Mbps speed to fulfill queries of management and remote employees. Restore the files that your IT staff has saved on the previous AIT 2 turbo media without any performance degradation.