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Sony SDX3-100C-B AIT-3 Backup Tape Cartridge (100GB/260GB Bulk Pack)

Part No.: SDX3-100C-B
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New
Availability: Out of Stock
Features Overview


    If the data administrators make comparison between the small-medium range backup technologies with the Sony AIT format, they can easily pick the winners as AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) is more compact and offers faster data processing.

    Save money

    To help SMBs reduce their backup storage cost, Sony introduced this bulk pack that comprises of compact AIT-3 media solution. This bundle pack provides small scale companies durable SDX3-100C rewritable medium that can reliably record data files with exceptional drive speed of 12Mbps.

    Durable cartridge architecture and media space

    A single tape allows 100GB data storage. Strong magnetic coating allows the drive head to quickly rewind and forward the tape reel, while shedding lesser debris. Organizations that have limited space should go for this tape system as AIT-3 has more drive installation options and compact SDX3-100C medium for smooth scalability.


    Additional Information

    General Information
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Part Number: SDX3-100C-BULK
    Product Name: 8MM AIT-3 100GB/260GB TAPE 230M
    Product Type: Storage media - AIT
    Technical Information
    Tape Technology: Storage media - AIT
    Storage Capacity: 100GB (Native)/260GB (Compressed)
    Tape Length: 230 m
    Features: Remote Memory in Cassette (R-MIC), Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME)
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