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AIT-1 Turbo

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    Sony TAIT1-40N AIT-1 Turbo Backup Tape Cartridge(40GB/104GB AME Retail Pack)
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    Sony TAIT1-40C AIT-1 Turbo Backup Tape Cartridge (40GB/104GB Retail Pack)
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 Items

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Sony first introduced Turbo editions of AIT-1 in 2004. Sony’s AIT-1 Turbo tape has 40 GB capacity and 6 MB/s transfer rates. The AIT-TurboEx however has only 20 GB capacity but the same transfer rate applies. They come with a variety of interfaces ranging from SCSI to USB to SATA. Performance and capacity improvements provide a supercharged tape drive for the low end market. AIT1 Turbo tapes provide the same reliability and performance whilst enhancing capacity and speed at a cost-effective price.