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Sony SDX1-35C AIT-1 Backup Tape Cartridge (35GB/91GB Retail Pack)

Part No.: SDX1-35C
Manufacturer: Sony
Condition: New
Availability: Limited
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Features Overview


    This first generation SDX1-35C tape is coated with durable material and Sony has ensured that operating efficiency of its AIT-1 system is superior to the rival small scale formats. Sony has designed numerous devices and this AIT 1 format has proved to be the best small scale system.

    • Exceptional capacity for long term storage. Compression is the performance booster not only for capacity (91 GB), but also for the drive speed.
    • Compactness of this SDX1-35C tape was further improved by Sony with finer ultra-smooth storage medium.
    • Place the tapes in smaller footprint and confidently carry them for sharing sensitive data.
    • rapid data access because there is a high-speed memory chip. Better coating technique for stable retrieval/storage tasks
    • Also, the Advance metal Evaporated technology has resulted in lesser deterioration of base film.

    Additional Information

    General Information
    Manufacturer: Sony
    Part Number: SDX1-35C
    Product Name: Sony SDX 1-35C - AIT x 1 - 35 GB - storage media
    Product Type: Storage media - AIT
    Technical Information
    Tape Technology: Storage media - AIT
    Storage Capacity: 35GB (Native)/91GB (Compressed)
    Recording Standard: AIT-1
    Tape Length: 230 m
    Physical Characteristics
    Min Operating Temperature: 41 °F
    Max Operating Temperature: 113 °F
    Humidity Range Operating: 20 - 80%
Product Discussion