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AIT Tapes

  • AIT Tapes

IT industry is experiencing remarkable technological enhancements. The leading SMBs of the world are giving up on traditional ways of protecting company data. Most of them have integrated AIT data tape format for their vulnerable data. AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) provides business enterprises and midrange customers more brand choice and scalable generations.

What benefits does this tape system offer

It is first choice for supply chain apps, small servers, E-commerce organizations as delivers variety of scalable versions, AIT-1 to AIT-5. High capacity tapes (25 GB to 400 GB) featuring memory chip and longer archival life. Other backup tape formats in this small-medium sector don’t offer such robust protection and precise data tracking.

Unique features

In addition to the well renowned Sony, HP AIT devices, this solution allows easy integration with compact drive architecture designed for trouble-free internal/external installation.

Large datasets can be easily accommodated in lesser space, as the compressed rate facilitates users to quickly write 1040GB data onto the highest capacity Sony AIT 5 tapes. Confidently handle the data operations with 24Mbps speed.

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