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8mm 225 Meter Tapes

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    Exabyte 00558 8mm-225m Backup Tape Cartridge (60GB/150GB Retail Pack)
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Sony and Exabyte used intelligently designed “Advanced Metal Evaporated” for their 8mm tape cartridge.

225 meter base film has been packed for growing storage needs. Reliability also had to be improved, therefore the technical experts embedded another innovative “Smart-clean” mechanism. Without any disruption, the users can write data volume of 60GB. For consistent performance, integrate autoloaders or tape drives featuring the recording standard Mammoth 2, in short M2.

Backup reliability

IT administrators won’t have to worry if they have to backup higher data amount. The data files can be copied after compression, thus resulting in staggering 150GB capacity. The enhancement of capacity depends on the drive model. 12MB/s writing speed and the super fast compression contributes to the drive’s remarkable processing rate (30Mbps).