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Data Tapes


Magnetic data tape is the best, reliable and the most extensively used storage medium. They are more robust, cost efficient and durable in comparison to the HDD hard disk drives.

Reliable data archiving

Tapes can safely record the valuable information for exceptionally longer time period (2-3 decades). Small to large scale companies can store greater volumes of information at lower cost than the disc and other storage technologies. Data recovery from damaged cartridge is also possible.

Major Formats

  • LTO ultrium,
  • AIT,
  • DLT,
  • Super DLT,
  • 8mm,
  • VXA,
  • Enterprise,
  • Travan,
  • DDS (Digital Data Storage),
  • DTF,
  • T10000,
  • QIC (Quarter inch cartridge),
  • SLR-MLR¬†

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