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SDLT Tapes

  • SDLT Tapes

Organizations must focus on strengthening security otherwise they would have to pay hefty penalties and lose revenue if operational data is tampered/erased. Best solution that all types of SMBs can confidently install is the Super Digital Linear Tape.

This format gained rapid popularity with its high speed generations SDLT-1, SDLT2 and remarkable brand choice (Fuji, IBM, Dell, Sony, Imation, HP).

Customers can gain the below listed advantages from this backup technology.

  • Medium range companies can manage data security with ease and save raw information of 110 GB to a voluminous 300GB.
  • Organization-wide standardization
  • HP has used finer magnetic particle (40 percent smaller than rival cartridges) that has elevated its tape durability to an unbeatable one million passes.
  • Backward compatibility eases process of system up-gradation. Increase productivity and create data backups with exceptional range of drives.
  • Write Once Read Many technology.
  • Robust tape cartridges for demanding data centers.
  • Fastest processing that exceeds rival formats (72 MB/s compressed)
  • Unique laser guided functionality that has improved its recording density.
  • Predecessor generation media is accessible.
  • Rewritable media for fast recovery and heavy workloads.
  • Impressive scalability from SDLT-I to SDLT-II

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