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LTO Tapes

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LTO Tapes Details

Organizations whether small retailer shops or large multinational companies, all are clamoring for low-cost, highly compatible and compact backup systems. They need to ensure that their data protection standards and goals are met with minimal investment.

Quantum, IBM and Hewlett-Packard combined their technical expertise and backup storage excellence to develop the breakthrough Linear Tape Open. Powerful roadmap and the variety of brands( that have proved their technological superiority) including Sony, Dell, TDK and Maxell has increased its market share.

  • Multiple generations, LTO 1 to LTO-6 have been launched.
  • So far the roadmap of LTO consortium features up to LTO-8 tape version.
  • More capacity choice; 100GB GB for first version and extended to 2.50TB for ultrium-6.
  • 2:1 compression is the standard for five generations (ultrium 1 to LTO-5 ultrium).
  • From LTO-6 onwards, it has been enhanced to 2.5:1.
  • In order to satisfy video systems, supply chain applications and advanced archiving needs, new generation drives have been launched with faster backup speed.
  • Significant improvement in recording density has been made possible with smaller ultra-fine magnetic particles and strictly controlled media formulation.
  • Technical advancements in tape drive architecture have resulted in super-fast storage rates.
  • 400Mbps for LTO6 version
  • Address long term security needs with WORM and encryption.
  • For massive data volumes, use the partition functionality.
  • Data drag-drop; reliable option for backing up large databases.
  • Half/full height, SAS, SCSI and other drive interface options.
  • Cartridge memory CM reader, Custom Barcode labels as well as complete range of cleaning tapes and empty cases.

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