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DDS Tapes

  • DDS Tapes

Digital Data Storage (DDS) is a data storage solution that evolved from the renowned technology known as Digital Audio Tape (DAT). Data managers prefer this format mainly for securing valuable digital data, and preserving these media storage tapes for disaster recovery.

Sony, Maxell & Hewlett-Packard (HP), developed the DDS data storage format in 1989. Advantageous feature of this format is that tapes written by one brand’s drive are capable of being read by another manufacturer’s drive. Media Recognition is an intelligent functionality that ensures complete protection against intentional/unintentional data storage on DAT as well as other non-compatible backup technologies.

The cartridges can be used for your organization’s long term storage requirements (10 years or more). Other generations are DDS 3, DDS-4 (or DAT40), DAT-72 (or DDS-5), DAT160 and highest capacity DAT320.

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