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8mm Tapes

  • 8mm Tapes

8mm backup storage format has the widest portfolio of compact tapes. Best capacity range for small sector starting from 2.5GB (raw) and extends to 100 GB. It is a dependable format for smooth expansion and high speed Mammoth drives. Exabyte is the innovator of this format. The drive operations are performed with helical scan technology. Other popular name of this format is Data8.

170 meter tape

2.5/5 GB is the lowest capacity 8mm cartridge. Major brands of this category are Sony, Exabyte, IBM.

225 meter cartridge

Media has been developed with AME formulation, which has elevated its capacity level to 60 GB. Depending on the drive’s compressing capability, customers can copy 120 to 150 GB data.

230 meter tape

Further enhancement of media coating and track density. High speed operations with exceptional 100/260 GB capacity.

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