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HP C7976A LTO Ultrium 6 Tape Cartridge - 2.5TB/6.25TB (Metal Particle)

HP C7976A   Part No: C7976A
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Price: $4,523.53

  Manufacturer: HP
  Condition: New
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HP C7976A LTO Ultrium 6 Tape Cartridge - 2.5TB/6.25TB (Metal Particle)

All LTO ultrium media versions are built tough by Hewlett-Packard HP, and their base film moves seamlessly during high-duty cycles. This LTO6 tape has become highly popular amongst IT managers of medium enterprises and also large businesses.

HP C7976A is economically priced, and accelerates storage performance with its 2.5 to 1 compression.  Metal-Particle media formulation has been intelligently used, thus improving the robustness of base film and smoothness of its magnetic layer. Fast extraction of stored files. Features the innovative memory chip.  

Secure more information in lesser space

It has technologically advanced ultra-fine coating that forms a highly robust storage medium. This HP C7976A, LTO-6 tape has been exhaustively tested. Satisfy the demands for portable storage medium, robust long term security and fast backups (400 MB/s maximum).

Accommodate more amounts of company data (2.5 terabyte raw).

This rewritable cartridge delivers maximum reliability. Innovative smart grabber feature stabilizes tape movement, whereas ultra-fine storage media decreases tape deterioration. Moreover, the intelligent sensors align the magnetic reel with perfection.  

WORM, Backward media compatibility, LTFS (Linear Tape File System) and 256 bit encryption make this backup solution superior than its rivals.