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HP DLT-IV Backup Tape 40/80GB (Retail packaging)

HP C5141F   Part No: C5141F
  Manufacturer: HP
  Condition: New
  Availablity: In Stock
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  Qty Price (20): $17.55

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HP DLT-IV Backup Tape 40/80GB (Retail packaging)

SMB customers using broad range of DLT-VS 80, DLT-IV, DLT (4000, 8000, 7000) can count on this HP-branded C5141F tape. Good news for SDLT tape drive users is that they can operate data read tasks and share valuable data with compact HP C5141F tape.


  • Durable medium for departmental backup, business enterprises and high volume storage for longer time period.
  • Single tape records 40-80 GB (supports data compression).
  • 10000 media loads-unloads (durable life)
  • Innovative pin threading and unique cartridge architecture improves stability of tape reel during high speed operations.  
  • For longer operational life, the HP’s media experts formulated this DLT-IV cartridge with a smart combination of liquid and solid lubricants.
  • Strong base film can tolerate 1 million drive head passes.
  • Tested under tough conditions. So be confident of unprecedented data integrity.