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AIT-2 Tapes

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AIT-2 Tapes Details

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The old data storage backup systems were not efficient as they offered much lesser storage capacity, low durability and lacked in reliability. Moreover, the operations were extremely time consuming and added more to the operating cost. However, this advanced intelligent technology by Sony stores voluminous information in a very compact device, without compromising with the level of reliability and durability.

Features of second generation AIT

Sony AIT-2 tape is no doubt the smart format for slim budgets and product choice of SMBs. Ample space for workstation data and your critical systems. Media capacity starts at 50 gigabytes and users can complete backup data volume of 130 GB.

Ultra fine magnetic layer

Sony introduced technologically advanced tape manufacturing process and embedded memory chip. The purpose is to ensure quick data extraction.  Longer tape reel in durable shell means more storage space and convenience of off-site data sharing.

Write Once Read Many

First generation in the impressive AIT portfolio introduced the durable WORM media for archival of sensitive documents. AIT2 tape generation is also available in the Sony’s turbo technology (technically enhanced AIT version).