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AIT-1 tape cartridges were originally released in 1996 with a capacity of 25 GB for a 170 meter long storage media. The data transfer speed was 3 MB/s, however in 1999 a new variant was released which gave an extended capacity of 35 GB on 230 meter tape with a data transfer rate of 4 MB/s. AIT is a data backup format developed and controlled by Sony. A turbo variant of AIT 1 was also released in 2004 (AIT Turbo) that had a transfer rate of 6 MB/s &  capacity of 40 GB. A budget version was released the same year (AIT-E Turbo) to compete with DDS tapes. A key feature of AIT1 is the MIC (Memory In Chip) which acts like the brain of the tape and maintains information regarding the backup media. We offer 25 GB and 35 GB native cartridges by HP and Sony and also other AIT 1 related products like cleaning cartridge & empty case.