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RDX Cartridges

  • RDX Cartridges

Removable hard disk, renowned as the RDX format, is amongst the market leading technology of backup media industry. This cartridge system is an easy to use, durable, low cost and scalable format that features the compelling attributes of the industry leading tape and the hard disk.

Compact storage technology

This efficient solution comprises of portable disk cartridge and exceptionally compatible docking station. This small 2.5 inch hard disk cartridge is smart medium for storage intensive medium/small firms, and is indeed the most reliable backup media standard.

Economical option

RDX format provides robust security and facilitates users with its cost-effective performance. Popular brands are HP (Hewlett-Packard), Imation and Quantum. Use the cartridge with all other brands, which makes it the most economical data protection technology.

  • 108GB per hour (native) is the data processing rate.
  • Capacity offering 160GB to 1.5 terabyte and the roadmap further extends.
  • With RDX removable disk, users can cost efficiently protect and share critical documents.

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