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Optical Cartridges

  • Optical Cartridges

Long term durability

Magneto optical, in short MO cartridges, are very similar to the CD/DVD media. These cartridges feature durable optical disks made from ferromagnetic material. Moreover, the plastic coating further increases the disk durability. Data is stored and read from the magneto optical disks in the same way DVD-ROM operates the DVD media. So there isn’t any physical contact during the storage/read tasks.

Disk formats

In addition to the rewritable MO disc, you can secure digital information with the “write once read many” cartridge. Sensitive data written on this media will not be deleted or over-written in event of un-authorized access. Remarkable range of capacity for the valuable data from 100MB to a staggering 8.60GB.

Major manufacturers are Verbatim, Sony and Hewlett-Packard HP. MO drives are engineered for seamless compatibility with complex network servers.

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