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Exabyte 312629 8mm-170m Backup Tape Cartridge (20GB/40GB Retail Pack)

Part No.: 312629
Manufacturer: Exabyte
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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Qty Price:(20+) $43.73
Features Overview


    Majority of the rival storage cartridges in this class are MP (Metal Particle), whereas the media expert Exabyte engineered this 312629 ( 8mm tape) with leading-edge AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) format.

    • The capacity and storage efficiency are intelligently enhanced to 20GB/40GB.
    • Less media wear and strong output signals.
    • Operate this Exabyte 8mm backup medium with libraries and energy efficient Mammoth drives.
    • Alignment of the metal particles in base film of this Exabyte 312629 tape is vertical, whereas in the competing cartridges, it is usually horizontally aligned. Moreover, the durable coating reduces errors, accelerates data speed and prolongs the media life.
    • Seamless scalability and efficient compression.

    Additional Information

    General Information

    Technical Information

    Tape Technology:


    Storage Capacity:

    20 GB (Native)/40 GB (Compressed)

    Tape Length:

    558 ft

    Media Coating:

    Advanced Metal Evaporated (AME)

    Recording Method:

    Helical Scan

    Drive Supported:




    • Mammoth Drive: Read/Write
    • Mammoth-LT Drive: Read/Write
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