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Fuji SDLT Data Cartridge 160/320 GB

Part No.: 2630001
Manufacturer: Fuji
Condition: New
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    The Fuji 2630001 is a SDLT 1 tape cartridge. The 26130001 has a capacity of 160 GB native and 320 GB compressed when used with the SDLT 320 line of tape drives. However when the Fuji 2630001 is used with the older SDLT 220 tape drives and auto-libraries the capacity falls to 110 GB native and 220 GB compressed. Similarly the transfer rate applicable to the Fuji 26130001 is 16 MB/s native and 32 MB/s compressed when used with the SDLT 320 tape drive and 11 MB/s native and 22 MB/s compressed when used with the SDLT 220 tape drive. With an archival life of over 30 years, the Fuji 2630001 is also designed to last for at least 1,000,000 passes. The Fuji 26300011 is compatible with the SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 tape drives in both read and write mode. Compatibility for the SDLT-1 2630001 tape cartridge also extends to the SDLT 600 line of tape drives but only for read mode.


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    1PK Super DLTtape 110/220GB SDLT



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