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FUJIFILM DLTtape IV Tape Cartridge

Part No.: 26112100
Manufacturer: Fuji
Condition: New
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Features Overview


    The 26112100 by Fuji is a DLT-IV tape cartridge .The Fuji 26112100 has a capacity of 40 GB native and 80 GB compressed. Transfer rates applicable for the 26112100 are 6 MB/s native and 12 MB/s compressed. Tape media such as the 26112100 is one of the last of its kind. Only the SDLT and DLT-S4 tapes succeeded the DLT tape after which development was stopped by the original developers so that they could concentrate on the development of LTO tapes. This was because DLT-S4 had begun to lose popularity and the LTO tape format was gaining massive demand and appeal from the customers. The 26112100 employs Fuji’s breakthrough ATOMM technology.


    Additional Information

    Product Description

    Media Type

    Tape Cartridge

    Media Capacity

    40 GB, 6 MB


    80 GB

    Drive Transfer Rate

    6 MB/second

    Tape Length

    1,828 ft

    Tape Width

    0.50 in

    Tape Durability

    500000 passes

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