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Fuji 26047300 4mm DDS-3 Backup Tape Cartridge (12GB/24GB 125m Retail Pack)

Part No.: 26047300
Manufacturer: Fuji
Condition: New
Availability: Limited
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Qty Price:(20+) $15.40
Features Overview


    Nowadays, data backups have become the most essential operation in all IT centers. SMBs are also installing backup systems. They require small-sized and inexpensive solutions. DDS (Digital Data Storage) is the compact high-tech tape system that is renowned for lowest ownership cost. FujiFilm, in short Fuji, has multiple-capacity DDS data cartridges. Innovative tape formulation of Fuji DDS3 media has resulted in superior working life.

    Higher native/compressed storage space

    Tape cartridge from this small-range DDS-3 version is 26047300 that secures data with excellent accuracy and is economical medium for uninterrupted archiving. Backup data volume of 12 GB, and compression (available in all DDS versions) further extends your data protection capability to an outstanding 24GB. Efficient data management as you can quickly backup data with this small, robust Fuji 26047300 tape. Increased cartridge durability, compactness and flexible drive configuration facilitate low-budget customers to handle backup tasks with excellent efficiency.


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    Fuji DDS-3 backup Tape 12/24GB



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    Native Capacity


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    Recording Standard

    Fuji 4mm DDS-3


    Fuji DDS-3 backup Tape 12/24GB

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