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Fuji 26047120 4mm DDS-2 Backup Tape Cartridge (4GB/8GB Retail pack)

Part No.: 26047120
Manufacturer: Fuji
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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Features Overview


    For the best, high quality and innovative backup storage products, FujiFilm is the reliable brand. Backup storage tasks are being operated in all sectors from small to large companies. Fuji has offered many products to assist broadest range of customers. Their multiple capacity Digital Data Storage tapes are ideal option for preserving and securing data files in medium/small sized organizations. This second generation 26047120 media is durable and formulated intelligently to safeguard datasets in DDS-2 systems.

    • It offers excellent features and capacity of 4GB/8GB. Fuji 26047120 is a popular cartridge amongst the DDS-2 tape brands.
    • Consistent performance and simplicity when you upgrade DDS system. Drives including all types and form factors are backward compatible.
    • Data files are quickly streamed at 1.2MB/s. Exceptional reliability because of the smooth tape finishing.
    • This high density media is small sized and hence very easy to handle.

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    Main Specifications

    Product Description

    Fuji DDS-2 Tape Cartridge 4/8GB


    4mm DDS-2

    Media Included Qty


    Native Capacity


    Compressed Capacity


    Tape Length


    Recording Standard

    Sony 4mm DDS-2


    Sony 4mm DDS-1 Backup Tape 90m 2/4GB

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