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IBM 95P4436 LTO-4 Backup Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB) Retail Pack

IBM 95P4436   Part No 95P4436
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  Manufacturer IBM
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IBM 95P4436 LTO-4 Backup Tape Cartridge (800GB/1.6TB) Retail Pack

The IBM LTO-4 tape cartridge with the part number 95P4436 has 800 GB native capacity and 1.6 TB compressed capacity. Transfer rates of 95P4436 are 80 MB/s for native and 160 MB/s of compressed data. The 95P4436 tape cartridge is compatible with auto-loaders and LTO-4 tape drives only. The IBM 95P4436 is designed while keeping in view the LTO standards so this is compatible with all LTO-4 tape drives and auto-loaders. This tape also contains the LTO-CM (Linear Tape Open Cartridge Memory) which saves cartridge usage related information such as past usage  and errors history - readable using an LTO-CM reader. This is not equipped with all drives so an external reader can also be used if the LTO-CM reader is missing.